Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Bandung Paris van Java

We used to spend an hour or so at Cisangkuy Park, whenever we’re on a trip to Bandung. Our kids love riding the horses, one lap around the park costs about Rp. 3,500. That was way back then in early 2000. For them a trip to Bandung is nothing without horse riding. The same goes for the Moms, as their main target are to spend at Factory Outlets (FO).
As for the Dads (and the rest of family; grandma, grandad etc.),Bandung offers a pleasant change with its cool breeze air. Less humid air provides more ease for the oxygen getting into our breathing cycle. Well, you get the idea. And, the foods variety; from the freshly pick and process fruit as well as vegetable to those well known uniquely bandung culinary dishes.
Bandung apparently has been designed for leisure since the inception of Dutch Indies government’s itention moving the capital from Batavia in early 1920s. Even today we’re still able to recognise some landmarks such as city parks, colonial style buildings, art deco hotel and villa (savoy homan and formerly villa isola) as well as other natural tourist attractions, FO and recently agro-tourism.
Located amidst the surrounding mountains at an elevated of 700 mtr above sea, it’s indeed provide one of comprehensive leisure attractions. Other places which have equal magnet attracting thousands are among others Ancol (Northern Jakarta) and Puncak (90 kms or two hours drive from Jakarta). None however could beat such beauty and charm as Bandung has to offer. Hence, regarless of its chaotic city planning these days nor pathetic traffic (particularly at weekend) ; “Paris van Java” charm and beauty has maintained
Bandung as city of leisure

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