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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Tourism Places

Bali is the right place for abundant Tourism Places, but above all the magic attractions are indeed local culture; Traditional Dances, Religious Ceremony and many other Leisure Activities. Continuing the saga of Bali Vacation, as soon as we arrived at a small Cottage we found ourselves strolling down the busy Kuta Beach; where as the kids had found their amusements by swimming nearby.
Tourism Places 01
Kids being kids despite of abundance Tourist Attractions their only interest is Kuta beach swimming. Half portion of our Bali holiday activities is mostly spent on the beach.
And likewise their food intake instead of local famous culinary dishes is none other than typical fast food menu. This is really subjected to debatable healthy habit, contrary to our typical Bandung’s Trip whereby we are always dropping by at Roemah Nenek or Sam’s at Dago St. to name a few.
Part of the reason is unstopping Grand Ma’s attentions but the real culprit is that by taking the 52 seater Bus the choice is at best very limited to the available parking space as well while the kids refusal to stop swimming for healthier dishes is entirely another hard case. Our choice is to save a bit of our energy for late evening window shopping while the kids able to recover theirs at the motel and hence getting fast food meal is indeed a viable solution as it is located within a handy short walking distance.
Tourism Places 02Eventually we manage to bring the kids to other Bali’s own attractive Tourism Places. The turtle sanctuary about half an hour boat from Sanur beach where children can interact with some endangered species in a well protected island habitat. 

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Coconuts Beach Resort

Our common sense will tell that a Coconuts Beach Resort is located at or surrounding the tropical section of our beloved mother earth, right along the midsection of the earth at an area known as Equatorial band. The Indonesian archipelago is privileged to be resided at such Equatorial band, whenever we go within the archipelago along its coast, there bounds to be a vast amount of Coconuts Beach.

Our Coconut plantation and mostly its pristine Beach area is quite inseparable, we could literary drink Coconut milk on our Beach everyday, and not necessarily during our Leisure time only,  the envy of those who is living along either the Northern or Southern sphere. Every bit of Coconut tree section is not wasted as each has its own advantageous usages. In fact following the strict production standard practice the milk  or rather its liquid content could be processed into a healthy frying oil with min. traces of anti oxidant, furthermore in its purest molecular existent the famous Virgin Coconuts Oil is regarded by many to have healthy herbal healing effects.

 While this has becoming a common knowledge it is also not a strange occurances for a Coconuts Beach Resort to also stimulate the so called healthy healing effects, particularly on heavy stress active executives. Everyone in this globe knows this relevancy to the Bali Island, the island is more popular than the country it resides, the archipelago of Indonesia.

Any top celebrity regardless Bollywood or Holiwood alike has visited the island, and that's including our family, as any tourist alike in the Bali is instantaneously become one. 

We all become famous as those innovative traders will keep chasing us to buy their merchandise, whether the merchandise is an authentic Balinese craft or ornaments or perhaps a fake Chinese made product, and that's why some exclussive resort provides extra security measures to seclude the area from this.

There are now great tendency for foreigner but to some extent the local too, to prefer going to other remote areas where the Coconuts Beach Resort could provide its natural surrounding without the said hassles. One place as such which just recently arise in its popularity amongst the foreigner is Raja Ampat Resort,  its pristine Coconut Beach is just one of the endless attraction lists.

Three out of four such secluded Resort are located at the Eastern part of the archipelago, this is quite a change from our normal diet article of Sam’s at Dago St. the typical family time at leisure in Bandung

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