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Monday, 9 November 2015

Mount Bromo Off Road

I  have been wanting to travel to Mount Bromo, Probolinggo, East Java for quite a while despite of having traveled there more than twice. The last travel was twenty years ago, my memory is still full of vivid greenery along the whole foothill scattering around a hotel we were staying.

On the contrary my main objective is not mountain views, sunrise nor sunset scenery, but merely to see and look at those local farmer planting their veges crop at the steepest part of such hilly Bromo Mountainaries. I am about to be disappointed.

In favour of Hotel Property development the farm areas has shifted away from visitor common view scenery. Yes those farmers are still better off than any other region's and to the relieve of such disappointment the Tourism Places has extended since then. An additional with much more spectacular sunrise spot lookout has recently been developed and it is also located further away requiring four wheeling adventures.

It takes a decent fully functions Toyota Land Cruiser fj40 to appreciate the adventure. So after a good cold rest, I mean a really cold weather (so prepare for such steep temperature drop by arming yourself with Tips To Carry Along) at the 2nd day before dawn it begins...

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mesa Stila

Mesa Stila sounds like a Latin name to some of us, yet strangely enough it is a Coffee plantation mixed with colonial style resort combination about half an hour drive from Semarang Central Java. Arm yourself with traveling Tips To Carry Along as we look at this exotic one of a kind Tourism Places

You'll be greeted by this ancient looking train station as you enter this magnificent place, it was indeed as such in early 19th century.  It is brought here intact and now being used as a reception foyer, and as you walk through whether you wish for a stay the night or spending the time for either a meal, a cup of coffee or Coffee plantation tour. 

As we opt for the latter we're directed toward the plantation itself.

Series of pictures will drive your thought upon the place, it is a must visit one of a kind Tourism Places.......

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