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Turtle Sanctuary

Turtle Sanctuary

Turtle Sanctuary at Serangan Island is a popular tourist attracting island located just 250 meters off the South East coast of Bali, in fact it is conveniently very close to the famous Sanur beachfront.  It is evidently also a home to Sea Temple or locally known to Balinese as Pura Sakenan, a highly visited temple for the local religious people.

The Turtle Island as it is to many has been referring to, has various sizes of turtle which are kept in special pens, it is where the used to be endangered species is being protected. 

Kurma Asih, the 'turtle lovers' group has been conducting such noble conservation program activities, which supposedly aim to save newly born turtle nests from predators including poachers. The group has successfully achieved progress that during the 2008 nesting season brought a record of one hundred turtle nests - containing nearly 10,000 eggs - to safety in the Turtle Sanctuary’s hatchery.

Today especially during the season there is an opportunity for tourist alike to release a baby turtle on the sand and watch her flapping away, often with hesitate gesture and finally reach towards the sea for her maiden voyage. 

The conservation program was initiated by an International NGO in early 2000s, and by the time we were last visiting Bali in mid 2004, just a year after the infamous "Denpasar Tragedy Attack", there were some noticeable achievements being attained; not only dozens of turtles were saved but the Turtle Sanctuary were also able to provide some educative entertainments for our children.

We were flocking in a 52 seats Bus with not less than five toddlers in a special family trip. Read our family version story on Bali Vacation . It was indeed and still is the most favorite for us and the Kids as a family trip, a memorable family trip that these kids are still being talked about among themselves to these days. Except of course that for a nicely home cooking meal-like to have when you're away, it is hard to beat one of our favorable restaurant in Bandung, the Roemah Nenek.

Kurma Asih has no longer received the aids, yet it has sustained the conservation program on itself up to these days! The endangered species is now up a notch as a protected species, no longer under natural threat.

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