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Hotel Tentrem

Hotel Tentrem is one of many popular choice amongst the travelers for those who intent to visit Yogyakarta, and particularly to watch spectacular art performance at The Prambanan Temple. From traditional to the latest live musical performances.

While traditional art performance is regularly held not so on the Jazz live musical performance, it is exactly over a year ago we fly to Yogyakarta and stay at Hotel Tentrem  for Kenny G rare appearance here next to the exotic Prambanan Temple.

We recommend a decent culinary meal at Abhayagiri prior to the long awaiting event, apparently there is ample of time between dinner and show event starts off. As darkness completely falls it follows attractive laser and its supporting lighting extravaganzas. Unlike our favorite restaurant in Bandung Roemah Nenek, the Abhayagiri is conveniently located at a nearby foothill where the temple is.

You have got to be present there to appreciate the heighten nuance of exotic Prambanan Temple as the background. The contrasting digital as compare to stone era is perfectly melted, man made technology as well as cultural aspects blend to a delicious mouthwatering artistic craftsmanship. The local performer and finally Kenny G is the climax rarity, mystical illusion combines harmoniously to the melancholy rhythm of his Saxophone.   

This is not without any hitch though, it is marred by chaotic long line up which eventually leads to disappointing seat numbering allocation. We're told this is due to inexperienced event organization, nevertheless the spectacular performance is able to compensate for....It is a worthwhile exciting trip package to go.

In fact it is the perfect birthday gift ideas for our anniversary, not necessarily a surprise gift anymore than a long due romantic second honeymoon.

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