Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Roemah Nenek

It was late evening on the last day of 2008. We had been passing around this Grandma's House a couple of times. Its title alone intrigued us. Did it serve the kind of dishes which our Grandma used to provide us? Did it only sell its old colonial building concept?

As soon as we arrived, we were welcomed by the buzzing of new year's eve preparations. There was a sign post indicating people to line in at the entrance gate. Yet it was too early for any queue in, that we could grab just any table we like. The obvious choices were outside at front court for smoking section and vice versa inside the house. We were a platoon in numbers so we did take the available large tables outside.

The house itself was a typical 1930s colonial building. A reminiscent of "Art Deco" architectural style with equal antiquated interior decorations. For further heritage traits description, please click here! For a real leisure activity tip, read on!

I have deliberately designed two separate sites for these purposes! The Journey of Preserving Heritage Building (For those who interested in Heritage traits description) and this site for leisure activities tips. Pressing on .....

P1010041 We all sat nicely as orders coming in. They were Soto Bandung, Strawberry juice and two pots of tea. One being lemon flavoured tea while the other is a plain one. The younger generation ordered Western culinary dishes, apparently they took longer to prepare.

Ribs steak, omelette, french fries and those desserts! On top of these, the growing kids were also ordering a variety of local dishes.

The first casualties were french fries for their appetizers, then the main course which were essentially anything with rice. Then....




Candlelight tables!


My half attacked steak


Live music


Toddler mocking around while awaiting for order..


Some one was still hungry enough impatiently grabbing Pizza while a picture was being snapped!


New year trumpet.......


Lush surrounding environment with rows of hawkers at foreground....


An $ 80 dent to the wallet. For such nuance and delicious dinner to feed platoon of 10 including 4 commandoes, it is a memorable new year's eve!


Though it was not close to our beloved Grandma's (Mine not these youngsters). We finally had the answer!


  1. On request of Kang Billah: I have to test and make my own first comment

  2. yummmy...akhirnya bisa kemari juga...bagi steaknya dunk :)

  3. Billah; Sumonggoh, we finally got an honorable guest from Surabaya, East Java. Welcome to my humble blog.


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