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Alternative route to Bandung

Recapping ; "I have in the past made 6 series of articles on Cipularang Toll, and it might grow exponentially! There is still potential of further reviews yet, literally limited by the permutation of all counts on available exit gateways along the toll road."

Granted, other means of transportation are also equally interesting. You'll get nice aerial view for fifteen minutes or so should you opt to travel by air. Railway also offers a convenient transportation for allowing us to have extra space stretching the legs here and there as we please. Train is available from 5 AM till 10 PM every two hours daily, and it costs less than half compare to driving your own car. Well, may be that's not entirely true on all cases! A high octane fuel demanding premium cars could cost Rp. 120,000,- per trip person. Uuugh that's another dimension. Anyway, you do your own math and follow your needs accordingly.

Apart of Cipularang toll there is another alternative route going to Bandung, that is through Jagorawi toll road passing hilly cities/ regencies of Bogor, Megamendung, Cibulan, Puncak, Cipanas, Cibodas, Cianjur and Padalarang along the way.

The toll road encompassing 60 km road with better surface compare to Cipularang's. As soon as you leave the toll, the road immediately starts ascending to the peak of Mount Gede, the Puncak Pass. Mount Gede is a stratovolcano and it has two peaks one being Gede itself while the other one Pangrango rising to almost 3,000 m altitude. The road itself was built in 1810 by the Dutch with the intention of a defensive measure as well as serving as the main post road (De Groote Postweg).

The route is a good scenic view with many tourist attractions;

  1. Bogor; Presidential palaces and botanical garden. The palace was used to be Dutch Indies Governor General's residence, including that of British Kingdom's famous Sir Stamford Raffles. It was him in 1811 created the 87 hectares botanical garden. In Dutch era the garden serves as a scientific lab. for tropical species. Now it has the tallest inflorescence (flower cluster) which can reach an astounding 2.5 meters, the giant arum (Amorphophallus titanum).
  2. Megamendung, Cibulan, Puncak, Cipanas; along this area there are many villas owned by the neighbouring city dwellers. Objects that is worthwhile to mention; tea plantation and Safari park. The park has many unique attractions including; gondola, amusement park, live show and night viewing zoo. On every week-end the park is packed full of crowd and consequently traffic jam occurs along this route as such that during certain hours only one traffic direction is allowed.
  3. Cibodas; another botanical garden created by Dutch Indies Government.
  4. Cianjur ; all places along this route offers scenic views of green lush plantation and paddy's field with cool soothing temperature. Here, they have another old tea plantation (Malabar Mount) with an 1884 tea processing plant to match. Please click here, "old-tea"

Puncak Pass is a good another 30 km from the toll exit gateway, while the whole route to Bandung is 180 km long. On a quiet day it takes about 3 and half hours drive.


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