Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Ocean Queen


There are three main natural elements that plays an important role as tourist attraction; beach, mountain and lush green plantation field. Not many places offer those three in one package. It is not located inland as Bandung city nor it is located along North shoreline as Jakarta is. Northern shoreline of Java island is relatively flat and fairly close to sea water surface altitude. This is further down at Southern shoreline of the island, still within West Java Province; it's Pelabuhan Ratu. Literally in English Queen Port, like most places here it has a legendary background.

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Approximately 15 km to the West of Pelabuhan Ratu City in an area known as Cisolok you would find these three elements intermingled into one breathtaking view. Sandy beaches, Hilly mount and the green lush of paddies field. Above picture was taken at the steep descending entrance road as the highest look out point. Entrance road which goes to a well known resort; the Ocean Queen.

The resort is a popular place to hide away from city bustling and shut off any P1010012downturn crisis news. There is no telephone, TV nor radio on any bungalows except one in the marketing office and one TV in the bar lounge. Who needs TV in such place where you could have beautiful surrounding views. A stroll along paddies field or beach, watching the pounding waves, or a dip in the swimming pool, or may be sunbathing on the beach side all day long. Later in the evening you could watch sunsets while awaiting for hotel staff preparing your barbequed dinner right in front of your bungalow. It's a great stress relieving place.

Booking requires at least months ahead as the place is always full during the peak season with 60% occupants are foreigners, well may be a bit more. Judging by its popularity amongst foreigner the place has high standard of services. Incidentally we rented two units but one has some spider's web around the ceiling's open space, anyhow apart of this and few power down hiccup its okay. Since we're here for a rather special occasion.

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We were a platoon of 16 family members (plus three drivers and one maid) celebrating our parent's 50th wedding anniversary. It was indeed a special event on a unique place. There were more than two dozens units available with half sitting inward facing the pool, while the remaining half directly facing the beach. We occupied units 15 & 16 facing the pool, so that we could watch our kids swimming from the front porch.

Unfortunately none were allowed to swim at our beachfront for the inner current was too strong instead many people were seen just playing or strolling around the sandy beach and watch the relentless big waves coming onto one another. However a 200 meter away to the East side there was a secluded bay where people could either swim or surf safely. Surfing gear was available from the resort for a small fee.

We had so much activities to do together, it was such a memorable family quality time. Especially a simple yet noble celebration was smoothly conducted without any glitch, albeit one surprise segment was delayed due to technical problems. We were supposed to play a recorded film where all the grandchild acting for the occasion. But once the incompatibility between laptop and projector was sorted out we managed to watch the short family movie eventually.

image One important moment was for both grandpa and grandma received two paintings prepared by the grand-kids themselves, then to mark the celebration a beautiful set of 14K Yellow Gold 1.00 ctw Diamond Eternity Band Ring were also received.

Moment building up for the great family snap :P1010096

Kids were patiently awaiting for photo set up, posing in front of the bungalow circling around their grandpa and grandma.


Kids were striving to grasp their pose instructions!


One cousin finally finished her light touch up! Grandkids and all the daughter were ready. Hurry up Dads, stop messing around! We'd like to take another plunge on the pool.


Could we just get this photo session quickly please! On my mark; set your timer on....



Family's great moment for a life time @ Ocean Queen

Behind the scene action....


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