Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.


We arrived one day earlier at Pelabuhan Ratu just to make sure that our parent's 50th wedding anniversary would go according to the big scenario's plan. So, prior to our stay at Ocean Queen as part of the duty, five of the platoon members embarked on a spearheading mission.


The main target given to these five commandoes were specific and must be accomplished within a tight schedule. The job was to ensure and secure all prerequisite infrastructures for the anniversary event! First and foremost to deploy the best route plan getting to the area. We had not been in the area for almost two decades and we heard there was a long traffic queue during the last 2008 new year's eve holiday.

As we head for Pelabuhan Ratu on the 3rd January 2009 we opposed not as worst traffic jam, but still there were some spots of bottle neck along the route. More on this on the next article...

Next task was to secure a defence perimeter and set up a one day stay base camp prior to attacking Ocean Queen front-side. The camp was located along the old road which our last trip's database twenty years ago indicated as such, there were no update necessary except that now was a bit crowded with new hotels and restaurants along the road. The based camp was a twelve years old rustic style row of small compartments.

This rustic building compartment may look like a fort, at least it served my current theme with two towers further back. It seemed they are the perfect high look out point to watch oncoming enemies from the beach front, they were the penthouse suite rooms. Located amidst the paddy field and small cassava yard, which reputedly was used for making a horror local TV series. The camp known as Padi-padi had seen its better days, yet its ethnic interior still retained its attractive shape.

We met with its owner proprietor and his staffs who were friendly and helpful assisting our important task duty. He admitted for making some renovation to an P1020045overdue refreshing cosmetic repainting job, yet some of his loyal and regular customers on the contrary advised against this......The shabby look in fact enhancing its "originality"!

It might be original diplomacy, but we loved this comfortable place with nice and helpful staffs. Our problem with air conditioner and toilet was promptly taken care of. Yet it was not as highly occupied as the Ocean Queen's, in fact there were only half a dozens of cars that particular night on its parking lot.

Getting into the beachfront was a mere 70 meter away from the hotel and you need to cross the main road. As the commandoes were settling down and most importantly most of the tasks were also accomplished, the defence perimeter as well as infrastructure for the anniversary. We now deserved our leisurely holiday, immediately we were all relieved from our duties. Once relieved from spearheading task we were soon immersed into our family time's role.

Settling in into two basic compartments, the kids have their own room. Their own TV set for playing PS2 games, whilst for us to finalize, making report to headquarter and prepare for logistic issues. That was finding out where to find good place for dinner, purchase midnight supper and breakfast stock for the kids.

P1010012  This hotel provides sizeable swimming pool and pool table, and from this pool/ billiards room we could see a green lush paddy field alongside the premises. Overlooking the field toward the ocean there are rows of banana, coconut trees and food pedestals. It is frankly these pedestals that ruin an otherwise magnificent views, and yes the power poles. Since it is the main medium voltage poles delivering further inward power distribution, its huge poles which located within the premises hold back scenery views. I have attempted taking pictures from different angle, but it did not help at all. Alas, this place actually has a hidden yet great potential! Affiliate Software
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  1. Yes, indeed. Imagine yourself playing pool and looking at farmer harvesting the field!


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