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Blog description;
Bandung (Java island, Indonesia) apparently has been designed for leisure since the inception of Dutch Indies government’s itention moving its capital from Batavia in early 1920s. Even today we’re still able to recognise some landmarks such as city parks, colonial style buildings, art deco hotel and villa (savoy homan and formerly villa isota) as well as other natural tourist attractions, FO (Outlets) and recently agro-tourism industry.
This is basically the initial intention of this blog with more focus on "Family Quality Time" theme, however there are also glimpse of such leisure time on other places as well. These include places within the West Java region itself, such our recent family trip to Pelabuhan Ratu (Padi-padi and Ocean Queen). It would not be appropriate for me to make another blog to accommodate these other places review on its own. Who knows that in the near future we might also share those tropical paradise like in Maldives or Costa Rica and perhaps other tourism attraction such as Bali, Yogya and so forth. Certainly it would not make a dominant topics here!

Main Topics;
I. Bandung and surroundings
II. Other places & misc.

Sub-category topics; (excerpt)
I.1. How to reach Bandung;
  1. Excerpt of my review bundles
  2. All of my review; simply hit my "In road to Bandung" label on sidebar
I.2. Accommodation in Bandung
I.3. Typical family trips
I.4. General knowledge of Bandung
I.5. Tips in Bandung

II.1. Pelabuhan Ratu
II.2. Important ; plan ahead and healthy trip

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