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Cibodas Botanical Garden

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There is yet another long weekend public holiday within a week time. As it happened last week on Easter, Bandung was swarmed by urban holiday seekers. Unavoidable traffic jam occur within the city of Bandung as well as on all the route going into. You might as well prepare ahead, if you follow the Jagorawi toll road there is an alternative route via Jonggol just off Cibubur exit gateway.

cibodas garden 08202008669The route offers the off beat path with heavy traffic up to Jonggol, after which it leads to many choices of exits. You could opt for exiting the path prior to Puncak Pass at Taman Bunga Cimacan or Cipanas or Cianjur. It takes longer but with less congested traffic in comparison to either Cipularang or Ciawi (Jagorawi exit).

You could stay overnight at any places mentioned above, but book your Hotel early in advance. You may for example choose to stay at Hotel Christina or villa at Taman bunga Cimacan. There are lots of tourist attraction along the route including Taman bunga itself and also drop by at Cibodas Botanical Garden just after Cipanas. The Garden had already been established during the Dutch era, so most plantation are well into their hundred years oldload of flowers 08202008676

Once inside the garden complex, the atmosphere would certainly relieve your traffic stresses. Furthermore there is a dozen plant nurseries abound, as depicted on my cargo to the right. No, it is not fully loaded as yet. There is at least another half dozen almost fully grown plants to load including amazonia, a banana look alike plant.

Cibodas Botanical Garden is not as large as Bogor Garden, but it is equally interesting place to stop by.

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