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Fish and chips

Soy bean is the main ingredient resources of our daily dishes, they are good complements to our rice main course. Soy bean sauce (kecap), tempe and tofu (tahu) are the notable main course's complements. That is for some of us, most asian do! What do we know on traditional foods on the other part of spheres? Those who have been priviledged enough to visit the commonwealth countries should have known "Fish and chips".

As the name suggests it is consisting of two main ingredients, they are deep fried; fish and potato chips. You would easily find them at many small take away foodshop in most suburban areas. That is in those commonwealth countries such Australia and New Zealand. The dish is originated from the Brittish's culinair-heritage.

This particular dish is being served on a plate, so it is definitely not from one of those takeaways! We all know that the fresher the fish the sweeter it tastes, the closer you consume this to a fishing port the better. Yes, that's the main point. That family trip to Pelabuhan Ratu had presented the great opportunity for me to have a delicious Fish and chips. Serving appearance was as good as it tastes, and its freshness reminded me of those sweet crayfish on its periodic season!


  1. Billah; yummy indeed....

  2. Where is more new yummy stuff around here??? :)

  3. Billah : coming up soon, you;re not hungry yet are you?


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