Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Leisure Butcher Van Java

Bandung has many excellent "Look-Out Points", some are well known for the youngster (in a couple format) and a few for those enchanted quality family time while the remaining for somewhere in between.This is located further up from Dago street and not surprisingly there are many restaurant around the area. The picture on the left was taken from The "Valley" balcony. While the youngster prefer mostly to come by before the midnight, we are on the contrary come by for lunch and to get the daylight scenic views as well.

As we had to drive quite a steep ascending climb to get here, one must assume that the Valley as the name suggest was high above Bandung plain. It was unfortunately cloudy that we could just barely see the town, yet if you recall "Paris Van Java"; one could imagine how beautiful it was 80 years ago! As I sipped my cappuccino I could not help myself to stop thinking the too much crowded housing area down below, it was as such started to bother my scenery indulgences! What on earth driving people to ruin their own town and in the process successfully tainted the "Paris Van Java" nickname? Even if it was a mere 8 decades ago!

Well I will tell you on how good the food being served there, on the second thought let's dwell further on this "Van Java" things. The only positive thinking that I could refer to such Van Java is actually "The Butcher Van Java". You're pulling my leg, I hear you say. Nay!

It is at Riau St. off a corner at the last traffic lighted intersection just prior to A. Yani main road. A Yani main road that was the great post road linking the whole Java island in the beginning of 18th century, thanks to Deandles the then Dutch Indies Governor General.

The Suis Bucther van Java is quite a cozy place. We had never been here before, and yet we always pass through whenever we go to the Roemah Keboen. And every time we pass the place is always full.

Well, this time around we did stop by and had a lunch there. The food is okay I suppose, it is as good as it looks. Not that The Valley is not as good. I think, I have to come back again for the valley on the next coming article. For now suffice to say honestly though! Sam's place cappuccino is much better, but this is just between you and me! Incidentally Sam's has just recently reopen with the new open space building. The new place looks better but I personally love the old one, it was more airy and cool. Check out the "perceived-values-on-bandung" for other tips

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