Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Perceived values on Bandung

The purpose of this blog is merely to capture my thoughts and experiences on a particular aspect of leisure activities. Great emphasis would be on Bandung regency has to offer to ordinary visitors like most of us.
There are great numbers of information on similar subjects available on the net. Some of them have invaluable knowledge which is highly relevant to my blog's objectives. I will from time to time put a thorough effort on research for any useful guide on what to do and how to do. Only then such guide and recommendations on Bandung-Leisure activities are presented through link access.
Hopefully the blog would acts as a hub info centre, a kind of one stop guide. And be assure that you all be the judges, we'll see..Let's review what has been achieved so far from the inception of bandung-leisure :

  1. Perceived values offer by Bandung. Profile of regular/ frequent visitors and what is their main intentions..(more)

  2. Horse Riding. Personal experience emphasis on family quality time.

  3. Why Paris van Java ? Personal opinion as the main attraction of Bandung's charm. Though, it describes important historical aspects.

  4. Adventurous Leisure. Personal experience emphasis on family quality time. Whilst entertaining, it also has education values for your kids.

  5. Another Leisure Story. Personal experience in general on what to do, accommodations and good link access.

  6. Leisure Guide. Map guide on Northern part of Bandung depicted on 1930s "Old European District" Map.

  7. Bandung Paris van Java. Personal experience in general on what to do, Bandung's location and its charming characteristics

These are the seven steps I boldly attempt not necessarily in orderly fashion. The last two steps are in fact the very first attempt for me as a newbie. These two steps also appear on my other subject on another blog under the theme of Heritage Preservation.
None however reflecting my background nor profession. Though as often as it requires, I will put out something from those two as well as any other interest and passion just for an intermezzo. We all do need to relieve the outburst of safety valve within here and then....
Back to the main subject, I propose to lay an outline for the coming articles in framework manner as follows :
  1. Short review of food places ;
  2. Guide on how to get to
  3. Drive guide
  4. Hotel reviews
  5. Token, souvenir or gift reviews
  6. Shopping review
Since they all require exhaustive time consuming preparations as well as "beyond me", sort to speak of. I will present them in a leisurely manner. Just inline with the theme. Else, another proposal of mine to alleviate the above hindrances : is to also present some Marketing aspect (see Perceived values offer by Bandung-Leisure). And perhaps some other aspects that might be "Within Me".

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