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Another leisure story

There is a great urge to write another story on Bandung-leisure, all on very personal experiences. Alas writing skill is not apparently on my talent yet. Worse being local and having visited Bandung Paris Van Java at least once a year for the last decades, I have no collection of any written data nor info on hands for those fabulous places. All have been taken for granted. Mount tangkuban perahu, ciater hot springs, Lembang, Maribaya, The Valley, Kampung daun, The strawberry Farm, The little Farm, Factory outlet (fo) at Riau street, more fo at Dago, more fo at setiabudi, the list goes on and on...
I do have digital documentation on The Little Farm though..... see my other post!
Staying at a hotel in Bandung was not a choice until my grandma passed away in 2003, since then my family has choices to stay at : Mitra, Sheraton, Bumi Asih, Papandayan, and some other places that I can't recall now. Yet, I could recommend Progo for its thrifty rate and cleanliness. Bumi santika for convenience to Riau street as well as Grand Serella. They all offer great discount during week-days, and expect a lot more expensive during week-end. Also do expect traffic jams in popular areas during those week-ends.
more on secret route avoiding traffic jam... on next posting!
Having said that, fortunately the internet sources provide plenty of vivid info on these subjects. I have spent hours trying to get recent info and in my opinion good descriptions. It will save you time and effort rather than searching by yourself. This address provide just that! Browse to ; is posted on 10th of January 2008

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