Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Adventurous Leisure ; little farm

Do you think our children watching too much telly and playing games? Well, holiday is around the corner we might as well taking them to The Little Farm. Here they could learn how; to pick an assortment of vegetables at harvest time, to culture animals, to produce mushroom etc.

The Little Farm offers your children to play as an ordinary farm does his job. There are other facilities for outbound activities as well such as Flying Fox etc.. Furthermore, children could learn as such by being close to its nature at a friendly cool ambient temperature. But, don’ forget to bring your umbrella !
The route to go there are as follows :
  1. Lembang. Depending where you start off;
    1. If you are already in Bandung The Parijs Van Java this route is recommendable. Not only it offers scenic view, but the route also running through less congested traffic. Drive past Rumah Mode Outlet at Setiabudi street, keep going up to public transport terminal “Ledeng”. Take left turn at smaller road that goes to the famous A’a Gym’s pesantren. Follow the main road that leads to Cavalry and Chatolic school, then take a left turn that further goes to Cimahi. There are good restaurants and Hotels along the way.
    2. From Tangkuban Perahu and Ciater hot spring, drive down the mountain past Lembang traditional market to Ledeng.
    3. From Cipularang Toll exit via Cikampek, take the road well past the Jatiluhur Dam (Hydro Power Electrical Generation) and take left turn heading for Subang. The road will take you to Ciater. The route to Subang is one of my favourite drive after Puncak Pass. It offers scenic view as well as long winding road. You could drive to your max potential of your car’s ability. That is if your driving ability also match as such. The route also offers less congested traffic, since the opening of Cipularang Toll.

       2. Cimahi;

  • From Bandung, you’d better take the toll road to Cimahi. Unless if you prepare to drive past through a busy bus terminal along the way, it’s fine.

  • Driving via toll also gives advantages, since it’s easy to ask for direction at toll exit gateway. We do that a lot.

  • Take the route that goes to Strawberry Farm, then it leads to the same road as if you’re coming from Lembang. At Strawberry Farm, you could opt for picking up on your own. As long as not on certain days, as I recall they are closed on Friday and Sunday if I’m not mistaken.

Veges pick 1

    1. Grab the veges, don’t get sleepy while you’re at it
    2. Perfect moment for a snap
    3. Pull out gently. Option ; two hands are faster less tidy
    4. Generally you get the idea when a farmer work on harvesting

Veges pick 2
  1. Before our harvest are supposedly put into the basket, stand still
  2. Get a good pose. Option ; What dishes shall I ask the maid to cook?
  3. Hold the thought, dad’s still fiddling around with camera
  4. Camera is ready, then another snap

Veges pick 3

  1. Don’t think my hand bag could accommodate this bunch
  2. Wait, we need to shake a bit to get rid the soil
  3. Another snap

Veges pick 4

  1. I think I could grab this without bending over
  2. My pants could get soil all over

Veges pick 5

  1. Got one already
  2. Let’s take another one

Veges pick 6

  1. We could harvest anything on this Little Farm
  2. No, not this rabbit. The green shabby shed is where the rabbit stays
  3. The lady attendant is explaining on the cycle of rabbit seasonal mating
  4. Don’t even try to touch the rabbit at its mating season

Veges pick 7

  1. I got the basket
  2. I got all the veges I want
  3. Wait what are those veges?
  4. Up to now I only familiar as it’s cooked
  5. Now I know how to harvest it

Veges pick 8

  1. Yes, my basket is pretty much empty
  2. This my first catch of what do call it?
  3. It’s my favourite carrot. Great tonight we’ll have carrot soup

Veges pick 9
  1. Getting tired of the harvest ? Let's do (window) shopping
  2. Cihampelas Walk during the night, facing parking lot
  3. That was in 2005. Instead there is a new building erected now 2008


  1. Wow this should be a great leisure...
    Very rare I am doing that with my family..
    thanks for sharing

  2. You're welcome Pak. Likewise I also enjoy your article on Ciwalk


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