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Why Paris Van Java ?

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Do you know why that Bandung was designed and developed as a beautiful city as those of european major cities ?

In 1916 the Dutch Indies government decided to shift their capital city from batavia (now, Jakarta) to Bandoeng. They commissioned a number of well known architect to design ; town plan, parks, government buildings, government officer housings. You could still see the evidence today. Though a large proportion of those buildings have gone, some are being revamped into well known outlets. One example is the Heritage outlet, see our Leisure Guide to locate this Factory Outlet. That is why driving around Gedung Sate is such a pleasure, there are quite a number of old houses still existed.

Are you still with me ? Should I bore you, you could skip this article and proceed to look at the excerpt of Bandung History below,
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The impact of colonial design is being regarded as the embarking footstep into current Indonesian architectural basis. These Dutch architect did not just copy the trend of their era, but also some manage to blend european style with the traditional one. One being the case is ITB's building.

Such contributions by prominent architect in early '20s like among others Ghijsels, Mclaine Pont, Aalber, De Waal, Schoemaker, H Thomas Karsten and many others had earned Bandung in 1930 nicknamed : "Paris van Java". Hence, we all know by now the beauty, the charm of Bandung's attraction is due partly to these circumstances.

Further reading on characteristic of colonial building is available. Hit the link on my blog lists under the heading of Heritage Building.

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