Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Horse riding

There are two places in Bandung which known for horse riding. They both located within the center of the city. One being close to Dago st adjacent to ITB technical engineering school and the other one is within walking distance to Gedung Sate right at Cisangkuy st. Certainly there are many more places offering horse riding, but these two locations are convenient for a multiple tasks. That is for the kids to enjoy the ride and for the mom going into outlets.

Cisangkuy offers a nice surrounding area. Being close to Riau st, the neighbouring houses also offers a glimpse of the old Eropean style housing. Large parks, 1930's colonial houses style and many food stalls and restaurants. While mom is dropped off at Riau outlet, the rest of family members could take a nice stroll along the park. Find out these famous location whereabouts at "Leisure Guide".

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