Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Perceived values offer by Bandung-Leisures

What does Bandung offer to International or domectic tourists alike ? How could Bandung put a unique package that other similar regions do not have? Certainly Bali, Lombok and Yogja have their own merits in comparison. They have greater magnetic pulses attracting millions of visitors.
For one thing, Bandung is only at least 2 hours drive away from Jakarta. Those traveling by air, Jakarta also poses as a hub center. During long public holiday or week-end, Bandung is practically swarmed by the Jakartans. Vehicles with B plate numbers are evidently everywhere in Bandung through out the week-end.
What do these Jakartans look for in Bandung ? There was a definite answer for that a few years back : Shopping at Factory Outlets. We then notice new outlets are emerged ; Heritage, Rumah Mode, Uptown and so on and on.. See "Leisure Guide Map" for further info.
Fairly recent, there is great upsurge of interest coming from our neighbour the Malaysian. Mostly are family with small children, they after the same things. Branded clothing, bags etc. at a friendly nonbranded prices.
Also there is a small niche travellers who has emotional attachments to Bandung. During the WW 2 under the Japanese occupation there were estimated more than 10,000 westerners held in the nearby Tjimahi, Tjihapit internment camps and other 3 camps outside Bandung.
Apart of those frequent visitors who purposely visiting their own relatives at regular frequency, these 3 (three) segments are distinctively loyal visitiors. At least for another short future time
We'll look at the remaining parts of visitors on the next article (in a leisurely manner). That is as Bandung-leisure postings builds up eventually.....

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