Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.


10302008690 No, this is not a toy  gifts. Here is a newly built building of a wellknown Bandung's own bakery.
As you enter the new building, take the furthest right and you will find huge selection of bakery products mostly. Our favourite are amongst other KS Cookies, a cheese crispy rectangular biscuits wrapped in a nice plastic packaging. Yes we have to opt for non degradable packaging material to keep the downturn crisis at bay into hurting our lowish paid workers.
Then, there is the wellknown Bandung's own brownish. Guess that was inherited by our former colonial time, not that original Bandung's own.
How to get there? It is located at the famous Dago street. From Pasteur toll gateway drive by following the main road, up the fly over. At the end of fly over turn back your car at the nearby U turn next to Gedung Sate, head back to where you are coming from but instead take the most left lane and not to take the fly over. At the cross section take a right turn and find "Kartika Sari". Bring all your cookies bought here to Bandung's Adventurous Leisure "The Little Farm", your kids will love them!

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