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Mighty Detroit succumbs to DC.

Around the globe at leisure, Detroit;
Last night Marten Feldstein a professor at Harvard says it bold: “chapter 11 is the viable solution for the big three automotive companies”. If 3 millions people are out of jobs, then consequently add another 3 millions from their supplier-chains. Who do you think has the time to read our leisure article?
Is there a country with “clear borderline” that is not vulnerable to the downturn crisis? Is there a market that immune to the “borderless” global economy? While most experts could not answer as when the crisis would be over, our logical thoughts could certainly answer these two questions. Well, who reads our leisure article then?
Not so long ago I have proposed the likely people who are on high probability of becoming visitors. This is absurd,:“These people live thousands miles from Detroit, you are out of the scope.” It is beyond your league.
A 92 years old restaurant in Japan has recently won exclusive awards in two consecutive years. The restaurant employs geisha in a very secluded dining cubicle at a cost of US $ 292 / person. The menu is constantly changing every fortnight. Fancy dining in? There is a five months queue for reservation.
Ordinary folks and news agency alike have been seen to seek out “beyond their league” answers for the crisis.
Another part of the globe that is truly taking things leisurely;
A good decent meal consisting of rice, meat and vegetable is only a dime. Forget about price elasticity. Too spicy? Then head for an assortment of tennis ball sized meatball, a complete set cost you around 2 bucks! You need a direction? The former one is known as yogjakartan traditional food “Gudeg”, the latter one is “bakso”
They are respectively located at Jln.(street) Lap. Supratman and Jln. Cendana on a tiny city called Bandung. By the way on their busy time, 15 minutes are the longest queue!
More civilized place for the more civilized gentlemen. Just right after the “Gudeg” stall take a left turn to Jamuju st. Then, proceed to the right turn at T junction into Anggrek st. You will find a seafood restaurant “Parit 9”. Be there in time, since the place is always packed full during week-end. Our favourite dishes are;

  • Asparagus with crab meat thick soup. Ask for less spicy should your stomach not up to it.

  • Broccoli served with mix seafood in soy sauce. There is more than one sauce option available; whichever you pick the vegetable especially broccoli are fresh, swe11082008709et and succulent.

  • And order coconut juice with brown sugar syrup to complement your meal.

A fancier one would be to follow lap. Supratman st (it is one way traffic) from “Gudeg” on the second T junction take left into Cendana st. Follow the road till you drive pass a five junctions with traffic lights, right at the end of a small park to your right take another left.
You are already at The Famous Riau st, where most of the big outlets are located along the street if you take right turn instead. This route is very convenient since you are avoiding both Dago and Riau Street where most of the big cluster of outlets are located at. Try to drive at week-end then you see the kind of bumper to bumper traffic jam style.
As I promised, that is your “less congested route option for you”. Back to Riau st follow the road till you well pass a traffic lighted intersection, you will notice to 11072008699your left there is baliness type of building. Kafe Bali is based upon old colonial house which was renovated into a modern and inviting cosy meal place. All dishes are available at the counter in a well presented manner, the only thing you do is to point and the lady will have it serve to your plate. Dishes are not only looking good but they are also tasty. Four adults with generous choices of dishes cost us around US $ 14 (at current exchange rate of 11,000).

Feldstein opinion was on air at squawk box, CNBC. Amidst the tough Senate Hearing for the big Detroit car makers asking for $ 25 B each (?) bridging bail out due to low sales and stricter loan market. Travel industry, in the tiny city of Bandung on the Southern part of hemisphere the Java island, goes about pumping its hard cash into surrounding economy at its common pace.
No bail out available, should we fall into the same trap! God Bless us all!

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