Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.


10302008691 So you have spent the whole day at outlets along Dago, setiabudi  and Riau street. You need to find a place where you could relax a bit, sipping coffee, having a decent meal, book hunting, get groceries or perhaps still do some branded shopping?

All known fastfood and cafe are here, that European largest hypermarket is also here. It is a one stop shopping experience for every family member. A huge place and famous for hang around. There is a bonus for going into any one of the rest rooms. It is one of the most beautifully landscaped open aired toilet.

How to get there? Follow the sign that goes to Sukajadi street. From fly over side you will get Hasan Sadikin Hospital to your right, approximately further 500 meters away to your left is "The Paris Van Java" mall. Happy hang around!

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