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Cipularang Toll

Non Alignment Movement or Non Block was initiated by the first Indonesian President the late Soekarno in 1955. Bandung was the centre piece of the movement, and the world was essentially divided into two mainstreams ; either communism or capitalism alignment. Soekarno's effort along with some prominent statesmen from India, Egypt and Yugoslavia was to accommodate a neutral zone. The rest is history

Back into 21th April 2005 another Non Block convention was held again in Bandung. It amongst other necessitated private raised funding to build the 70 km Cipularang toll road. It consists of linking two existing Padalarang and Cikampek toll road, hence the abbreviation of Cikampek, Purwakarta and Padalarang or Cipularang tag.

Cipularang in total encompasses 132 km long toll road built by Indonesian Highway Corporation (Jasamarga).

The area is known to be on an unstable geological formations and it requires constant ongoing structure repair developments. 28112008078 What it does though it cuts the trip length from 5 hours via the famous scenic but heavy traffic Puncak pass road into 2 hours high speed toll road. The toll operator has achieved not only an engineering feat but also there were no Government funding hand out. And in doing so it also save the transportation cost of cargo and public wise.

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