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Cipularang Rest Areas

Driving from Jakarta to Bandung now is faster and much more enjoyable. Traffic bottle neck and interruptions by stopping by public transportation buses or mini bus are none. Furthermore apart from nonexistent of swarming motorbike there are more than 5 resting places along the route.

They are located (Going to Bandung) at km ; 19, 43, 57, 88 (both sides). New places are being built at km ; 72 and 97.

Many interesting aspects are provided by rest area places along Cipularang toll road. As people drives to Bandung, there is normally heavy traffic up to Cikampek exit gateway. There are densely populated industrial areas up to this gateway, despite existing three lanes it is very often a number of slow vehicle notably the largest truck driving on the passing lanes.

The busiest rest area is the very first one along the route heading for Bandung, it is located at km 19. There is a few rest areas which provide top brand of fastfood and coffee shop outlets, this location has the most. Most rest areas offer prayer rooms, rest rooms and petrol stations.

If you need to freshen up, going to the toilet, filling up petrol/ gas and even buying some groceries but do not want to line up go to the next stopping at km 43. It still has the outlets as many as the one at km 19, but it has better and cleaner rest room.

The best time to travel to Bandung if your itenary allows such flexibility is certainly not during the week-end, but during week-days around 8 am in the morning or after 9 pm at night.

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