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Cipularang Rest Area Km 57


You have just missed the rest area at km 43 as you are busy taking over a parade of lorries? This is just as good and it is less crowded.

All petrol stations at these rest areas have a segregated large commercial vehicles filling terminal to those of smaller private cars. No hassle!


Most people stop by at less than 2 hours, even if they stop by more than that the parking fee is nil/ gratis. In fact many are stopping by for rest room, groceries and petrol, in that orderly fashion.


Others may need to go for a little stroll, just to get a bit of stretching or go to the available mosque for pray.

By the way as parking fee is nil, be prepare for a small changes Rp. 1,000,- for going into the rest room. It is worthwhile, it is clean! Who knows there is a heavy traffic jam along the way.

Need some cash? Don't worry there is an ATM over there! Rest area km 57 has won an Achievement Award from Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.


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