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Travel to Bandung inroad via Cipularang toll

Driving behind a carnival of huge lorries is a testing stamina. Full blasting air conditioner could help you a bit, especially during one of the hottest day. Cipularang toll is one of the best example of unfriendly environment cases. Evidence of deforestation, de-plantation and fully exploitation of human being to environment is abundant here.

Every scorching day make the matters worsen, it is a normal view seeing burning trees along this road. The toll road proprietor seems to just ignore the lighting fire, as I have never seen any single fire fighter vehicle dedicated for in the vicinity.

You will see a dozen of shiny and speedy brand new chasing patrol vehicles, but they never intended for looking after the environment. Nor chasing speedy users for a ticket, as there is no speed limit. The traffic already does that, thank you. They are only chasing certain vehicles, I mean lorries etc for certain "standard practice". I am not going to dwell further. It is unethical for this "Leisure Blog".

The point is that you have to pay Rp. 35,000,- or US $ 3 @ exchange rate of Rp 12,000/ US $ for a sedan and minibus as the toll fee, and there are thousands cars going in and out every day. The fee increases almost every year without the public knowing whether the construction cost is already paid back. And not a single contribution is paid back to reforestation or re-plantation on both sides of the toll road at the edges for environmental sake? Let the sun burn our land and transform those green to a desert. Do we ever learn from the human being evolution?

There you go, I just went unethical now. Respect the "Leisure Blog". On our beloved toll road, we begin with heavy traffic we also end the journey to Bandung with traffic jam right after Pasteur exit. No matter where you going it happens vice versa.

Earlier I have suggestion for the best time to get less congested traffic. Well, a long traffic jam hours is "held" regularly at the beginning of every week-end.

There is other options though, but since going in to Bandung via either Kopo or Pasir Koja is cutting right the midtown it is best described as highly confusing route. The "get lost" option is the least suggestion I would propose. I got "lost" my self in the beginning.

See my other posts as to why most people bother going through such hassle into Bandung. It logically tells you that in fact it is worth it! It is a fascinating phenomena. Mind you it happens everywhere! For a decent holiday people pays!

As soon as you literally fly over the fly over bridge, passing the Governor Office "Gedung Sate" and heading for Diponegoro street and subsequently Supratman st..

You would notice this lush park next to Gedung Sate itself. Right after this park should you take a right turn, you reach Cisangkuy st. Remember, earlier I have a story our children get Horse riding here. It was in their toddler era, now that they have a bit grown up it is a different whole new game of family quality time!

We have seen the hassle and as the result we have also been rewarded by cool breeze air ambience of park, we may pay our attention to our femish stomach!


There is a row of hawker and food-stall along Cisangkuy. There is also a number of decent restaurants serving among others breakfast,yogurt , french fries and hot dogs etc.

Left picture depicts a thrifty breakfast. Most hotel only offers free breakfast for a couple per room. Those who spend the night with family almost always end up having their breakfast at this place.

As this area is only 5 minutes drive to the famous Riau st, there are quite a number of hotel abound.

Get your gear ready for the coming long week-end of Eid Al Adha

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