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Arriving on Bandung : Accommodation


Finish your breakfast @Cisangkuy st? And your children need bargain clothing as the one that they are wearing get dirty due to the horse riding? A few hundred meter away at Supratman st. you will find an outlet "Cargo".

Now it is the time to check on accommodation. There is a nice and lush colonial style hotel nearby "Bumi Asih" at Banda st. in the other direction next to Gedung Sate. Banda st. is parallel to Cisangkuy st. Bumi Asih website is just recently refurbished.

Further away heading for Riau st. by taking the first right turn from Banda is another budget, clean and quiet hotel "Progo" at Progo st. Along the Riau st. there are further hotels, both budget and 3 stars. Among others; Santika and recently Grand Serella (opened in 2007) etc.

By following this direction, I have made up my promise in offering you the second less congested route to Riau st. And directly driving from Pasteur toll gateway.

Driving further from Cisangkuy, following the main road as you pass the lush park as entering Cilaki st.; To your left is Wisma Cilaki, a cheaper home stay alternative. On the other direction following Supratman st., Hotel Mitra, Corsica, Barito and so on. Both Supratman and Cilaki meets and merging at another park "Supratman", formerly Ciujung. During the Dutch Indies era known as Houtman Plein.

The whole encompassing area mentioned above was once known as part of the "Old European District" in 1930s.

Every year there are hundred additional rooms being built, in 2009 alone it is estimated to be 1,200 rooms. This figures are officially from the relevant municipality as they announce 7 new hotel establishments plan. It is unknown though the recent effect of Global downturn crisis to this plan!

Customer wise expect fierce competitive pricing of room rates. Either way room rates is getting more and more affordable especially during low season, that is week-days. However during long national holiday rate is hike up markedly as it is difficult to get a booking. Home stay option is quite abound, one family may rent a whole house. You may search them through Internet, some are being advertised in English.

It is worthwhile to mention that there are certain nieches of hotel type suitable for nostalgic stay. For example; Art deco style Grand Preanger (Charlie chaplin was here), Savoy Homann. Smaller and thus more of homely type of stay; Sawunggaling, De Tropis guest house and recently on trial running Saskava guest house.

There are further list of hotel available if you click any of the hotal above a few will take you there. For hotel reviews you could consult tripadvisor. Here many visitors are gladly sharing their experiences of staying, click on either Sawunggaling or De Tropis.

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