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Tips to avoid stand still traffic Jams

The first week end of this December coincided with a national holiday on the 8th of December. It had spurred an excellent opportunity to get three days off and Bandung was again swarmed by visitors.

First casualties of stand still traffic jam occurred on those visitors leaving off Jakarta on Saturday morning. and it continued to pile up some more till late afternoon. Jasa Marga apparently were still clearing up vehicle involved in a crash around 2 pm.

This was a very unpleasant trip to Bandung. Furthermore it shows how our rights as customer of our beloved Cikampek Toll has been largely ignored. Or, to be precisely there is hardly traffic coordination amongst the relevant authorities.


I was fortunate enough to arrive on late Friday afternoon, a day earlier. In-spite of earlier arrival you would still have to crawl out of typical busy peak hours. Picture on left shows traffic light queue at the end of fly over bridge, right before Gazeebo (Park across Government Office/ Gedung Sate).

That Friday afternoon trip to Bandung was a bit12052008787 blessed with pouring heavy torrential rain. The falling water has more volume than that of water being dissipated through the toll's drainage systems. Care should be taken to avoid aquaplaning.

Always follow local radio traffic monitoring and be alert of Jasa Marga offical public announcement board at any entrance gate. Decide to make any necessary detour to avoid traffic jam. For example on the above case you could opt to exit at km 76 and head for Purwakarta/ Subang to arrive at Bandung via Lembang route. This route has better scenic view.

That Saturday morning also saw a seasonal flooding on Southern of Bandung, a densely populated area. In this case, the traffic monitoring radio often announce other alternative route. In any case, exploit the available12052008783a rest areas while you are awaiting for detour alternative route announcements.


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