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Harley Stand


A Harley on a mock up stand for the coming Detroit show? It is official now that Nissan, Rolls Royce and Ferrari have withdrawn from the show. But Harley Davidson has not join the withdrawal party yet?

Nay, this Harley is on display at a very cosy and lush restaurant. In Bandung. You read it right, a 100 gr11292008747and roadster being displayed permanently to enhance the interior decoration.

Available dishes are; Traditional, Japanese and Western meals. Traditional dishes are being displayed half cook. Choose and it is ready to be served immediately, other dishes though take a while to prepare.

Four people having a traditional meal, has cost a mere US $ 12 @ 11,000 exchange rates.

All kind of dishes are equally good and the services is excellent. How do we get there?

See my previous driving guide route and look for :

Roemah Keboen at Riau street, Bandung

11292008744For further info on the Harley bike, please pay a visit to this link A Harley (MoGe)

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