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Leisure Look Out Point: The Valley

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We are digressing from horrible title into a bit more civilized one, from butcher into a pleasing aura! Yet it depends accordingly to the rightful context, without an expertise of such butcher we would never enjoy our steak or sausage for our meal course. As we all know that Bandung is surrounding by chain of mountain, where as its inner city is full choke of chain of mount shop. Literary if you go just any part of the city you would find the whole array of "Factory Outlet". But what makes the city famous in the first place is actually its beauty, the scenery and slight cooler ambient temperature. That is on less crowded and high above or along the foot of mountain.

Look Out Point Bandung

So, by the time those urban dweller finish their shopping spree; it is time for a relaxing leisure atmosphere. For the Jakartans, they need to get away from their city's humid and hot weather. Dago or now known as Juanda St. is a long stretched road. It is quite long with its tail stretching up to the ascending part of road heading to this particular interest of Look Out Point. From this point upward that particular portion of road is conveniently nicknamed "Upper Dago", it is just the way local people differentiate between the two stretches.

As you finish your shopping tasks in the area, head your way to this upper Dago. Along the way up there you would find yet another rows of decent Hotels, with one of which belong to the 5 stars parade; the Sheraton. Keep going further just 300 meters prior Dago Golf Course you could see a large sign board indicating :"The Valley Restaurant". Yes, that is the picture taken from its balcony overlooking Bandung plain.

This used to be the posh hang out place in early 2000, since there was not many places as such then. Nowadays we have many choices to pick. Yet it is still a cozy and nice place to hang around. They also were known for their food which was unavailable elsewhere back then, such as Zuppa soup. Broth which was served with puff-pastry topping covering it, but now we could find this dish just about anywhere. pasta leisure activities

You could find any popular dishes here wether European, Dutch, Italian or local traditional foods. With the exception of Japanese food, they have a new Japanese restaurant across the street. It used to be a long queue as well during week-end!

There are other places too within the area and much more on different Look Out Point area elsewhere in Bandung, so much choice to pick. It is the very reason that makes Bandung such attractive place. Check out the "perceived-values-on-bandung" for other tips, and choose wisely.


  1. hmmm surely make me hunggry and this is your responsible for this one..hahahahahaha :D

  2. Billah: I'm taking full responsibility, let's grab a big meal when you pay a visit there


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