Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Butcher Saga Continued

Again as I said earlier this is not related to sadistic activities, rather is a leisure activities. Bandung for its climate advantages are fully exploited for breeding and milk farm, where its produces are certainly fresh and healthy. That is why we would see many of its derivative products are in great abundance, such as milk, yogurt and meat. The Butchers from Bandung is also known to produce nice meaty sausage, and it is not much differ to those of imported produces.

fresh milk of Bandung

Apart of its traditional culinary dishes, many restaurants and even small stall also offer the varieties of such derivative produces. For example during the night-time only just right in front of Governor's Office Building "Gedung Sate" you would find a milk stall. Our kids love drinking milk, that is why they are slightly bigger than their peers.

Picture left depicts the youngest who is as Ian's favourite milkbig as his two years older brother, having ordered his favourite drink! Next to his drink is mine; a cold refreshing cappuccino.

The occasion mark one of many quality family time in Bandung, it is yet another trip together. For family's trip inspiration please click the family time or content label! This city practically never sleeps during the week-end especially on those long week-end holiday, the urban dweller of Jakartans are everywhere during such time. Even despite of the prevailing economic downturn crisis. You could read my related article here ; mighty-detroit-succumbs-to-dc

So whenever you plan a trip such as our Family Quality Time, make the most of it. Exploit this city's resources which is unequal else-where.  Bucther's sausagebucther's steak






Get the unique experiences; on many occasions we order those quality produces and they are consistently meaty and tender. The pictures, our own hands on experiences and many thousands other local tourist alike are having a great time here. Just don't bother of the traffic though, there is a cost to exchange for a good time!



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