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Leisure discrepancy between Detroit Vs Bandung

There is a whole discrepancy meaning between leisure activities in Detroit to Bandung city, or should I say difference instead. It has been 6 months period of time since we touch great implication of downturn economy crisis  to world wide globally and in particular both areas Detroit and Bandung. Fascinating stories emanates from the big three in Detroit. The roles and hence powerful UAW, its contribution toward one big party, the Senate hearing for automotive industries seeking bail out and recently the UAW's ownership on Chrysler.

You have heard the background stories and the looming inevitable chapter 11 as well as great reluctance from public opinion to assist crappy quality automobile manufacturing. No need to iterate another story telling except that story as the implication reflects on Bandung. While the diminutive city also suffers from lay off problems well into thousands workers, the city itself has not lost its attraction as urban tourism magnet center.

Thousands of Jakartan city dwellers are still flocking into Bandung every week-end, and it might double the amount during long week-end. If current hotel room capacity is estimated around 7,000 rooms (don't bother to validate this figures as Bandung's own municipality has lost the counts! Ironically as they are more interested into optimizing their coffer rather than maintaining the city's public facilities), at least 20 thousands something Jakartans visit Bandung regularly. Hence every week-end it would be a struggle booking a  decent room and getting into the traffic. Riau, Dago as well as Braga St would pose as a bumper to bumper traffic style.

Apart of those small number of export oriented ventures the remaining industrial sectors are still pumping fresh blood to the local economy, well almost. Since new car registration is dwindling down for most people has postponed purchasing new car. But local food-stall, restaurant as well as retail outlets are as healthy as ever. As it would be difficult to get a seating during every meal time! These occurrences are no exception to low budget nor high pricing restaurants alike. Even the main road to Bandung the Cipularang toll gets traffic jam also!


  1. I miss Bandung it`s been long time since my last visit there. Wonder con go there again.

  2. Billah: likewise I was in Pare around 2004 and did not get chance to see Bromo. Its natural beauty there!


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