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Jakartans Flock to Braga Street side Promenade

Contrary to what happens in US soil as Mighty Detroit succumbs to DC, the Jakartans are voluntary succumbing to Braga St as their leisure activities. This is not Braga city founded by the Romans in Minho, the Northern territory of Portugal.

 Braga St lays further South to the so called "Old European District", a jargon which has been coined by an anonymous Dutch Indies expert and dully used through out my heritage articles.  Braga St in early 1900s had transformed from muddy street for buffalo carts into well known window shopping area for world wide brands such as Chrysler and Renault car showrooms. This is quite ironic to the chapter 11's of Chrysler as mentioned earlier in our introduction.

It was also a norm for the elite upper class to hang out at chic cafe in Braga during the same period. There are some effort to re-create such aura back in Braga St., we could drop by to some International restaurants including a Japanese one. A good time to go would be later in the evening for perhaps some late night entertainments. Preferably park your vehicle elsewhere and stretch your leg to Braga St. as parking place is scarcely available, it is downtown! That is the oldest part of Bandung city.

For more historical review please read my heritage article on Jakartans succumb to braga St, else lets stretch our legs to this area. The later in the evening you go during week-end the merrier, street side cafe are abound and full packed all night long. There are so many one way streets in most part of Bandung downtown, it could get intimidating to get lost. Since once you are lost you have to start all over again from the most intimate landmark, plan ahead to drive there!

Once you get there you could tell immediately for there are many shop owner put up the 1920s style advertisement boards, a reminiscent of past colonial ambience. The glory days of our tea, coffee, rubber and spice commodities fetching highest rate world wide. You might just driving through to select a potential place to spend your happy hours, see if the place suits your mood. Else driving alone along the downtown is quite a pleasant experience in the evening. There are also many outlet centers nearby such as pasar Baru adn so forth.

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