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Shopping Mall Paradise

Shopping Mall in Bandung

Every big city in Indonesia are all seemed to race each other, they are racing neck to neck for building the most super complex and huge shopping centers. Whilst elsewhere around Asia is suffering with many new property developments on hold or simply being postponed, the property sector here resumes a booming period.

Surely enough it would be our capital city, Jakarta that enjoys the most. Since the Jakartans are shopping maniac, there are now dozens of new projects on shopping centres. One of the biggest is a 30 Ha super blocks in Western Jakarta. The evidences of shopping popularity is quite obvious, every mall in the city is fully packed at week-end. And getting a park space is also a struggle. What’s more similar evidences also occur to the neighbouring cities including Bandung itself.

Electronic, Gadgets and Games

Our Kid was looking for PSP games a few weeks ago while we were in Bandung. And after a few inquiries as well as a few miss-directions, we finally found what he was looking for at Bandung Electronic Centre (BEC). It turned out it was in very close proximity to our “Old European District” area, the old Dutch Indies housing complex within the Northern part of Bandung. Indeed we could save our time for other important outlet hunting instead of going to the biggest shopping centre over here the Bandung Super Mall, which is inconveniently located to the other direction in the Southern part of the town.

We were hunting for new outlet at Sumatra street, the kind of Branded outlets. In fact if you could notice there are more than three new commercial buildings around Dago or Djuanda St. alone. They are; the recently shifted Uptown outlet, Kartika Sari a restaurant and a small mall as well as just across the street a new Boutique Hotel. Does it all its new property development booming still justify Bandung’s own nickname of Paris Van Java? Each new property along Dago St. has its own unique architectural style, for me personally the Art Deco style is still prevailing in heavy concentration. You would be the judge yourself, visit Bandung in the coming week-end!

What hot in Bandung this week-end?

Do you still need more convincing tell-tale story what’s to do there? For a start the food is more affordable than that in Jakarta, so is the temperature. At some part of the city you do not need the air conditioner, particularly during the night! So strolling the downtown in the evening is a joy. What’s a foreigner thinks of the best leisure activities she enjoy the most in Bandung? And what is highly recommended things to do by the local?

Incidentally for those who remember my recommended cappuccino at “Sam’s place”, they resume the business already as of the beginning of this March. They were closed for a period due to….new building construction… for a new shoes or footwear outlets.

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