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Ciwok & Paris van Java Mall

As you come out of Cipularang toll and drive off Pasteur gateway, you will be greeted by a bewildering array of retailers, restaurants, hotels and shopping mall. There are no less than two malls, each on your either sides along the way. And there is another two as you are approaching a big fly over bridge cutting through the Northern part of Bandung. The bridge was incidentally funded by some Middle East financial resources, after a long period and many years of construction delays. You would get spectacular views of Bandung along the bridge drive, yet should your destiny be one of those two shopping malls getting off the bridge is the first priority.

Both malls offer outstanding branded shopping experiences with many world class restaurants and fast food facilities, non traditional cuisine it is a far cry of over any traditional cuisines. But on many occasion they often have live music entertainments mostly during the week-end, and both are designed to offer a kind of one stop center of shopping activities. Food, groceries, clothing wear, bookstores, cinema etc. you name it, they are all there! As Bandung is blessed with cool breeze air especially during the evening, open space on most of the part of center is the name of the game. Indeed taking a stroll amongst those shops and food stalls is fun.

Shopping Mall in Bandung

If this is what you are looking for then head off to Sukajadi St., the Paris van Java is the larger one offering lots of open space-ness. Paris van Java

name is derived from Bandung’s own beauty attractions as the famous nickname given in 1930s era. You would be the judge for such reputation for today’s time. Thastrio chocoe biggest tenants include Gramedia bookstore and hypermarket the giant French Carrefour. As soon as you pass through the gate you are immediately welcomed by rows of open space restaurants spanning across the length of the complex. However, inside there is a big open space corridor in between two rows of shops. Merely strolling or window shopping is attempting indeed!

JCiwokust around one block further away off the Cihampelas St. is the other yet smaller complex; Ciwok, derived from Cihampelas Walk. Ciwok is located midway of one way traffic street, whereby the whole Cihampelas St. is full choked of retailing shops from one end to another mostly clothing wear shop. As the name suggests walking by amongst the shops is the main idea, actually it is Ciwok being the first kind of one stop center selling its openness prior to Paris van Java’s.



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