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Tips to carry along

It is fairly obvious for the first time traveller to have many doubts as how to conduct a safe and pleasant journey. Especially those coming from either Northern or Southern hemisphere, where as over here we have only two seasons. Bearing right on the equator (zero latitude), the Indonesian archipelago offers a humid tropical weather. An area where most tropical forest exists and hence insects are in great abundance.

Malaria infected mosquitoes are reportedly has low occurrences during the past decade, bearing in mind that anti malaria pill has been invented in Bandung by a Dutch scientist. Yet, for precaution measure taking malaria pill prior to journey is a wise decision. Particularly on those journey to remote places, but not necessary in Bandung.

Further info on staying healthy are available here; such as general and guidance health issues during travelling period. And should you become sick while travelling, here is a way to overcome. Certainly we are hoping that you would not, but just in case!

Apart of health precaution hurdles, I have prepared a list of detailed review as further tips. These reviews are available in the format of; books, map and even DVD! Merely to ease the task of planning ahead. Otherwise, this could be another headache. From general guidance of travelling to Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore) to the famous Bali island, Lombok island, Java island and in-particular the focus of this website; Bandung as well as its vicinity.

On guidance for Sumatra and Java for example (quoted excerpt) : "Join host Marie Cruz on a trek to colorful tea plantations, volcanic mountains markets and stunning waterfalls tumbling from the steamy jungles of Sumatra. In Java she explores ancient temples, learns the magical art of the shadow puppets from its master, rides an elephant and motorbike through rugged hilltop communities to climb into a cage with a deadly Komodo Dragon". Further detail review.....

In addition to these guidance, there are also other recommended items to bring along on your trip. Amongst other : camera, gadget, power plug adaptor etc.

This site has just been "restored" by Blogger. It had been disabled for allegedly "splogging" for a fortnight. Being a newbie it was purely unintentional, it was merely due to ease visitor navigation within the site. The culprit was apparently I made more than one links to the same page on my Astore Amazone page.

Now as I learnt the hard way, I have made a separate Astore page on different site of mine. Thus for detail tips and guidances mentioned above, please click on "example". It will direct you to page 9 of my Astore! To head for page 1 ; travel kit companion.

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