Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Sam's @Dago St.

A typical P1010138 lunch time traffic @Dago St.

I have now expanding my review beyond the centre of "Old European District". That is to the East of North Eastern Bandung emphasizing on the vicinity of Gedung Sate on 1930s map guidance. Dago is one of many tourist busiest areas, and offer a dozen of good restaurants. The photo depicts traffic's view across "Uptown Outlet" which coincidentally about to be shifted somewhere to another location at the "upper Dago St.". As you are driving down the street to Bandung's downtown the traffic has apparently manage itself to be more congested.P1010139

We are here to beat the traffic indulging on wonton noodle gourmet! This popular Chinese dumpling is everybody's favourite dishes. Served with clear broth to accompany local version of sweet noodle (Yamien).

P1010142 Our kids are busily downloading their yamien. The toppings on our noodles is shredded chicken-meat, though it does resemble cheese from a distance. Sam's is actually known for its fresh and readily packaged strawberry juices, should P1010141you opt for take away drink. The juice's freshness will last for a day. Say if you are returning for Jakarta today, it will still be consumable on the next day as a gift for the loved one.

As Bandung has its own milk industry, you could also have a thick  creamy milk shake here at Sam's. As I recall it tastes better than any fastfood chain's in Jakarta. Today however, to complement for my lunch I order a nice thick cappuccino. Served in cold it is refreshingly yummie! I would strongly recommend this cappuccino in particular if you drive on your own.

Lastly before you leave as you are heading for cashier, have a good look at the assortment of Bandung's snack and many kind of food-bite. Dutch style biscuit, brownies, crunchy jack fruit and so forth.....

This is part 3, the conclusion of our December 17th - 18th Bandung's trip articles!

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