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Post exam


Most of the schools have nearly finished year end exam period. We again arrived at Bandung, this time with our kids who just finish their exam and craving for a Bandung trip. We were welcomed by this huge ad banner facing to arriving traffic from Cikampek - Cipularang toll.


Here is our itinerary : as ours have grown up a bit they have lost the interest on Horse-Riding and instead it is the turn of visiting Geology Museum at Diponegoro st, Foods and souvenirs.

Most people may not be aware of this fact: The Government has for some time promoted museums for educational purposes. For high impact, museum fees are structured as such to be affordable to most, in fact since 2006 Geology Museum's admission fee is free.

This museum of geology has been around since 1929 and has collection from 1850s era, or so it has been told on its brochure. With free admission, it has lots of bus load of pupil from Central Java and elsewhere. At least that is the case when we visited the place, three buses with AB plated numbers.P1010137

Foods and meal wise, we dropped by at Sam's place next to Uptown outlet at Dago st.  P1010144 And,  this Bawean bakery is our choice for gifts and souvenirs from Bandung on this trip.




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