Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Corn Break Bandung

Not many has this particular plant, we used to have one in our Grandma’s in Bandung (it was twenty years ago that I could not recall she told me its name). Hypothetically the plant requires cool temperature, not so for Bandung today. The recent population explosion and relentless City expansion has degraded both the quality and ambient temperature.

The Kawah Putih (White Volcano Lake) at 2,300 m altitude provides a perfect condition for this plant to grow in abundant quantities; we have seen a dozen of them around the car park area. Continuing our family trip saga to this crater; I would like to dwell further what’s sort of activities our kids have pleasure to do so. Later at the end of the crater trip they would enjoy working out above ATV for a cross country lap. But I have saved it till now for the next article. Just be patient…

They say “patience” is one good virtue of the Javanese. This family trip has been specially requested by one of our nephew ever since she learnt that we have made frequent trips to our beloved Bandung city. The fact that she lives in Batam island makes all of us to make the most to ascertain her request fulfillment. The recent school holiday was the perfect gift for her birthday coincided with the trip.

As mentioned earlier it was cloudy mid day when we arrived; not a good recipe for nature photographic session. The visibility was further hampered by hovering fog like appearances limiting the hilly mount Patuha panoramic scene. It might have been the harmless derivative of Sulphuric acid gas reaction with fog.

Yet we’re fortunate to have order spicy barbequed corn prior to crater descend; having such produce snack whilst enjoying the view is quite a leisure there. It is not even comparable to expensive meals at posh restaurants.

Kids seemed to enjoy themselves; the corn and stone throwing. No dipping though, none of the visitor was seen dipping their feet. If they did their skin would get sulphur rash. We’ll do the real dipping later on in Ciater.


  1. Bandung is always cool places...btw where are you in those photos???

  2. Billah : cool place indeed...I'll show mine if you show yours???


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