Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.


Thanksgiving as a cultural norm has been around on particularly Northern America but was originated primarily as religious activity ever since late 16th century. Let's Read more »
look at this old traditional norm that spans for several generation as "a Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time".

For the fiscal year of 2016, it will be celebrated on 24th November in United States. A family quality time and friends to get together sharing lives, stories and most importantly slices of Turkey on a huge wooden table laden with other food.

 Often it is time for those regular trip heading home. Whilst most folks eventually has not so secret following "Tips To Carry Along" with none other than the Turkey itself. Thanksgiving without Turkey is simply not a Thanksgiving!

Where as Grandma's cooking is definitely much better than those of takeaways sourced menus and offers better healthy, the importance of family or friends gathering that counts. And this is true values whatever traditional you're following, whoever you're living across the world!

 Unfortunately for those who could not make the trip, there is always a Thanksgiving Flowers to send instead!

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