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Ciwidey Volcano Trip

Onto the third day of Bandung trip we finally decided to distract kid’s addiction to modern gadgets, and bring them to Bandung’s own natural beauty for a bit of muscle shake down. We had thought of returning back to Lembang’s little Farm then head off for nearby volcanoes TangkubanPerahu. Since most us of had been there we look at other place which is similar in nature, the “Kawah Putih” or “White Volcanoe” is a good option. One clip_image002of our nephews has expressed his interest to ride on All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) up in Lembang, fortunately Kawah Putih has such facility also. Hence Kawah Putih is the best option.

clip_image004In contrast to Lembang at Northern side of Bandung, Kawah Putih is located to the South. It is actually the outskirt of Bandung’s Regency at Ciwidey the foothill of Patuha Mount roughly about 6o kms away from. To beat traffic jam we took the route through Toll road by exiting at Kopo, however as Kopo is the known busy traffic; it required two hours drive one way. The road ascending to the volcano is quite steep and allows for only one vehicle’s width, low ground clearance vehicle would have a hard time by not getting its underneath stuck or the very least touching to the road edges. On most part the gravel edges could turn into slippery muddy ground during the wet season, rendering a very treacherous driving for either going up or down the mountain. Furthermore about halfway through the road is infested with dozens of potholes.

The best suitable vehicle for the trip would be those MPV with high ground clearance, but make sure its clutch is in healthy condition. Driving up the mountain on narrow and steep road is quite punishing to the clutch, there were cars that managed its clutch burnt due to constant slippage only few hundreds meter from the volcano itself. Fortunately about midway the journey we were greatly entertained by dozens of self picking strawberry farms, in fact right away from our car we could see fresh strawberry dangling on the roadside field.

Mind you the area is known for the best and fresh sources of most vegetable supplies for Jakarta’ and Bandung’s produce market; Ciwidey. It is the very reasoning that all dishes in Bandung are served fresh, regardless of whether those dishes being served from posh restaurants or merely humble food pedestal.

clip_image006Entry fee cost us Rp 75 thousands or around $ 7 for four kids and two adults, yet at such price as well as the lengthy trip and crowded traffic are soon paid off handsomely. Once you reach the “Kawah Putih” the view is so spectacular, literary its whitish and on some part bluish lake color amazes our sights. The acidic lake was calm and did not seem to release a lot of heat energy and some part were seen hovering whitish smoke yet none of the people were dipping their feet into.

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