Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Atmosphere Volcanoe

The recent Bandung trip this time around is not our typical family time. First of all it is five days trip, and secondly it was divided into two main stages. One being the phase of quality family time spent together amongst family on my side whiles the second one with my wife side’s. It was deliberately designed to satisfy both sides’ tough demands; failure to comply would be to the disappointment to our nephews from either side. So in the end; we only need one return of Cipularang toll journey instead of two. It is unusual family quality time!

Bandung Quality timeThe kind of trip holiday for all our nephews and kids for their rewards getting above average passing marks. We should say in average and stressing out average as each kid has differing gift capability. Not that average for this two grader Dio; being the youngest grandchild is good enough reasoning for him. As for the accommodation choice for the whole family, there is ample of room left literary on the four rooms Saskava Guest House at Lapangan Supratman St. No. 4 at convenient location of Northern part of Bandung nearby to Riau, Dago and Gedung Sate, the West Java Governor’s office.

Still on the subject of the 8 years old Dio, his favourite places to go are ; well typical of the kids his age.Family quality time bandung Since all his brothers have no longer interest on horse riding at Cisangkuy and in particular he himself is a bit freak out on the horse, it is the game center and kids play at Bandung Super Mall (BSM) and Dago. Incidentally the other four gang members are also fond of BSM for different reason of chasing software games on their PSP, DS or PS2 or WII. This technology gadget has taken over too much of their youth time; these together with the ever popular Facebook begun to bother our mind as parent. Perhaps going over to other natural places such the Tangkubanperahu volcanoes with its mountain trekking is getting mandatory or the adventurous little farming activities. Certainly the different kind Atmosphere Volcanoe Dessertof volcanoes we encountered from the Atmosphere restaurant we stopped by the other day.

Their last kid farming fun activities was merely four years ago, there must be new adventurous outdoors facilities today apart of Flying Fox. Perhaps we do have the courage overcoming traffic jam going there, yet it could be for another trip on near future low season. We’ll duly let you know in due time.

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  1. wow you are surely always have a good time there :D

  2. Billah: it was an excellent family time spent on the recent school holiday


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