Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Culinary Atmospheres

We have planned it all along, but things do not always fall as we do expecting. We’re supposedly leaving for Bandung before midday on the cheerful Saturday June 27th, yet we could reached Cipularang toll gate at 3 pm. Cheerful it was since there was no rain nor too hot either along the

journey, but most importantly the traffic was surprisingly easy and pleasant. Not too many long convoy of truck or lorries and a few vehicles piling up at exit. Apparently luck with us as the following day on Sunday a whole different kind of traffic in high volumes congested the Cipularang toll. Thank God we have already enjoyed the Atmosphere hospitality. A huge open air restaurant at Lengkong St. the Atmosphere Restaurant provides a very relaxing atmosphere indeed!

clip_image004clip_image002All tables on the second floor provide low table with ample of room for leg stretching on comfortable cushion, the interior was also a cool combination of modern architectural style with traditional materials. The deliberate tall roofing was matched to large opening on either sides, allowing Bandung cool breeze getting in ample dose of circulation. Guarantee to spoil all family memclip_image008bers to a sleepy state.

clip_image006Yet we were here for the food as well on top of the cool ambience, everybody seemed to enjoy themselves. The typical dishes being offered here were those popular Western styles culinary. As soon as 12 family members quickly glanced through the menu, orders were taken in. The wait was not that long, a stream of dishes were delivered one another. The immediate attention was on the attractive detailed dish presentations, and we soon found out equally good tasting. I got myself delicious but a tad rather salty Korean barbeque whilst my Dutch descendent uncle sitting next ordered an American grilled steak, both at rather big portion.

Prior to the main course my brother in laws and the five kids had already have a couple of bitterballen and the exotic French cuisine escargot appetizers. The kid’s net surfing activities through the available Wifi were interrupted. Meanwhile as my quench for the best cappuccino search in Bandung has grown wisely, so this was my drink choice here and anywhere else as appropriate. However I could happily reported that Sam’s is the best so far to beat.

The assortment of drink selection was distinctly unique such as: atmosphere sunrise and blue velvet which were essentially fruit juice alike. And as for the dessert I was ordering Banana split, yet when it arrived my youngest son Ian traded for his Apple Strudel instead. No complaint there!

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