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This week marks the returning school holiday, most student get already their end of year grade. Or should I say the parent by now has learnt their kids doing at school, and whether they deserve a nice trip present for their better passing mark. Actually it is quite obvious that the traffic has been pleasant lately within the inner city of Jakarta, yet it is traffic jam elsewhere. Particularly on those well known holiday spots.

Though it is nice to know as well that at the very moment Cipularang toll the main road goes to Bandung is also pleasantly quite. Someone just tweet its traffic condition! Wait till tomorrow comes….it will be a hectic Cipularang toll! And those hard to get Bandung hotels. Here we go…

What’s your family trip plan then this time around? The holiday leisure indulgence might have different urgency. Some have prepared for going abroad, or getting back to the home country, Bali or just plain Bandung Leisure time again. In that case it might be worthwhile to look at what’s to see and Tips in Bandung here at my Leisure Activities Content.

Bandung Leisure might not be the only source for your Leisure Activities or mere Bandung hotels reference, yet it explore further into quality family time. Quality time that our family has been indulging for some time, and yours should too.

clip_image002Here in this particular enclosing area is sufficient enough to make your two days trip worth a full action packed Leisure Activities. There is also plenty of Bandung hotels in the area. Yet if you’re looking for a bit of refreshing greenery scenes, perhaps this Adventurous Leisure Story would be an interesting idea.

The depicted area is bound by three main commercial roads namely; Dago, Sukajadi Street and the inner city fly over bridge, and of course the famous “Jeans Street” as it known in the past the Cipaganti St. in between. Well I don’t think your two days trip could cope these attractions, perhaps you even need a week for this Leisure Activities within such tiny area!

Choose wisely your main leisure destiny. That is an equilibrium selection for the whole family’s interests: Shopping, Kids play, Lush green scenery or delicious Bandung’s own culinary. Just make sure to get Hotel Reservation in advance as it is notoriously difficult to get decent room at any Bandung Hotels during this holiday season!

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