Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

All Terrain Vehicles

We finally arrived at the moment our kids have been waiting for the most; riding the all terrain vehicle (ATV). Driving back from White Crater to its main gate seemed to be faster than the other way around; the descending drive got the help from gravity forces.

By the way the last long week-end holiday on 20th of July posed a heavy influx of Jakartan, there was regrettably another long traffic jam occurred on the way to Bandung. There are many available Cipularang toll rest areas along the highway, so use them wisely please!

The fee for ATV riding was quite a stiff Rp 50,000 (US $ 5) per lap, yet each rider was allowed to get accustomed to his own ride before getting into the cross country lap. One of the young punk rock appearance attendants was seen here briefing to brake, shift the gear and accelerate. Then another attendant’s brief. Ian our youngest kid (a six grader at Ar Rahman primary school) seemed to be serious grasping the short crash course to ride, within minutes he could apply the course into practicing.

Standing next to Ian is our nephew (another six grader from Al Azhar school); he was equally in serious paying attention to the briefing. Had both of them paid as much attention at school they could get better mark as their brothers did!

All five kids had a great ball mocking around with the new toy. Once they mastered to get the ATV in motion, they started practicing to maneuver around a small miniature circuit. Some peculiar things they did move around it; it was the very first time they operate a motor vehicle. Though it may look small riding but without preparation could be dangerous. Wearing only a simple looking helmet did not seem to be adequate for their safety.

The only girl amongst the kids was speeding through the jumping section; she did not realize that it was the jump of the life time. Luckily Vinka managed the incident this time, only to make an accident later on by hitting a tree. Her ATV was tilted; had one attendant not caught holding the ATV, it would undoubtedly roll over on top of her. Fortunately she escaped from serious injury suffering only minor bruises. Vinka’s parent happened to be medical doctors both, so we had no worry at all. A small self sticking bandage was the order of the incident!

Ian’s older brother (Radit) was confident circling at the crash course at leisurely speed, but..wait….”Hey watch you’re going bro, I think my helmet is too small for me! One incident on my sister was too much. I’m way too cool to roll over; neither of us could damage our “cool” reputation back at school don’t we?”

Rayhan was thinking hard of his intention to ride; come on jump on it! No more second thought!

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