Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

radit on atv

I’ve excelled at school, my math scores was the highest that I was selected to represent my school for Math Olympic Competition. I’m equally good at my gaming on PSP, PS etc.; this ride should be a piece of cake! There is no way a tree could stop me lapping at the fastest qualifying time. I feel good and I feel confident; as confident as the legendary Michael Schumacher on his F1 Ferrari, as confident as the five times champions of WRC Sebastian Loeb on his C4 Citroen.

ian's action on atv

Meanwhile as the crash course progressed Ian seemed to get the hold of his machine, apparently his ATV was different to others. It was one of the powerful ATV; consequently it also had challenging complicated gear shifting. “Yes, it’s a piece of cake!” Where’s your helmet mate?

Moment later as he got into the lap his ATV suffered from shifting problem again, an attendant had to ride behind him to give a hand.

A lesson from this kids’s ATV crash course for the first time rider;

  1. Ascertain yourself to master the ATV operation by giving full attention.
  2. This is a real machine; do not kid your self. It’s not your PSP game!
  3. Watch others as they are maneuvering; do not get close onto their way, unless you know what you’re doing.
  4. Wear safety gear properly!
  5. Should you need to stop; stop at the safest possible zone.
  6. Prior to speeding up ensure you master the braking system!
  7. Focus, caution, caution and caution; trigger happy rider might loose control. Be prudent on gas hand pedal! New riders tend to over do it!
  8. Speed to jumping track as you are really aware of its consequent!
  9. ATV is one of the most dangerous activities; one of a prominent American Senator had a fatal accident just recently! So be warned…
  10. Parental guides are imperative; you would be better of watching closely your own kids and not to choose to ride along with them!
  11. Ascertain yourself that your kids have fully mastered running the ATV prior to their cross country lap!

jumping lesson atv

Incorrect entry lining! You’re likely to get off the jumping track; aligned yourself to the mid track width prior to launch!

atv white crater

Finally the moment for the action! Once the kids had mastered sufficiently their ATV; we gathered them around us for final safety briefing and certainly a few snaps at the pit stop. Pit stop of different kind to the real sports competition, but very much as serious as the safety factor concerns.

Double seriousness if it is concerning your own family’s safety. This may also apply to us who are making the family holiday trip to Bandung; capitalize Cipularang toll rest areas to maintain your driving alertness. Whether you are driving yourself or not; on the next trip schedule for such stop to fill up, going to the rest room or just simple leg stretching.

atv brief

This humble start line created a realistic aura of how a sports competition is being conducted. All efforts of hard preparation working are finally paid off! The only difference; it is a one time activities where as all champions do the practice and competition repetitively. Each one counts and cumulatively adds up shoehorning steps leading to the championship!

You could see differing style and mimics on each kid as on starting and during the lap; judge yourself the moment of child’s indulgence or perhaps a gleam of potential champion talent!

atv start line

atv in action






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