Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Best Guide Trip to Bandung

Living Family Trips Album

We have finally reached the culmination of the first part purposes of our family trip this time around to Bandung as has been set out earlier at previous article on Volcanoe Atmosphere. All kids including the Birthday Girl have been fully enjoying those activities on White Crater, ATV adventures and their Mom on “shopping till you drop” as well as the rest of family members on quality time being together, some culinary dishes on different and distinctively Bandung atmosphere with its tranquillizing cool breeze!

In so far I might get lost in counting our family quality time trips, their respective distinct theme as each trip is wholly different experience to another. The joyfulness of our kids when they reflect their lingering memory to each one of the trip; in fact all Leisure Activities contents from the very beginning article could serve them as a living album. A different kind of album with personal touch on family Leisure Activities, so you could also have a glimpse of Bandung’s trip idea for your own purposes!

Hence you could get a firm holiday plan well in advance for an excellent Bandung Trip, for whatever theme you could desire! Thousands of Jakartans are regularly flocking into this city, so could you. Prepare your gear and enjoy Bandung!

Even during certain time going through the toll road for car enthusiast could be a blast leisure drive in itself. The average two hours journey could be shortened by maniac driver for a mere 55 minutes (the other day some one tweets this info; though it is quite skeptical). Yet last long week end on the evening of 17th August the road going from Bandung to Jakarta started to pack with traffic jam from the 80th km. In such case your best alternative would be to stop over at one of many Cipularang-rest-areas and wait dearly for your luck!

Birthday Girl

The night before our relative leaves for Batam and right after the memorable ATV adventures we head Best Guide Trip to Bandung2straight to a nice restaurant with magnificent look out point, one of the best in Bandung; The Valley. We left the White Crater at 2pm perhaps another two hours spent on ATV and arrived here for dinner just before 7pm; so leave aside a full one day for such Leisure Activities. (Does the leisure context appropriate for the drivers?)

Our intention was to make a special birthday celebration with Bandung views at night while enjoying the popular Zuppa soup. To our surprise the place was quickly getting fully packed yet it was during the working day! We could not get the viewing table and consequently picked larger one in the mid court with partial views of the city; still it was such scenery.

Best Guide Trip to BandungBest Guide Trip to Bandung3

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