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Bosscha Leisure

The last day of our kids school holiday would be the trip for Bosscha Leisure. An old Dutch Indies Heritage of Observatory, built in late 1920s by the then famous tea planter tycoon Karel Albert Rudolf Bosscha who also happened to be one of great philanthropist of the era perhaps might had been close to that of Bill Gates of today. Read more on him at; Frontrunner Science Research #3; Bosscha Observatory, where we could learn a bit history of him and the heyday of our tea plantation at its height of tea commodity pricing due to its unsurpassed Malabar Tea quality as well as the background story on the observatory itself.

The Bosscha Observatory as we have known today was not as effective as it used to be, when the facility was built the nearest population was outside of the ideal 30 km radius perimeter from the facility. It was preserved to be as such until late 1970s prior to the real estate property development booming.

Bosscha Leisure001

The facility today is fully dedicated for academic purposes and consequently getting inside to look at the huge telescope could only be done under well advanced appointment in group of 30 visitors per admittance. Nevertheless the kids could learn something from the onset of science in early century and admire the physical observatory with surrounding beautiful landscape as well as some photographic session.

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There are two alternative ways to get to Bosscha Observatory; one through the Bandoeng city itself where you could stop by on the way to do a bit of shopping and culinary tasting. Or else through the Ci[pularang Toll road and exit at either Cikampek or and the one that head straight to Subang. Make yourself fresh and fully alert by also stopping by at any rest area there, though it is advisable to stop at Cipularang Rest Area Km 57 or Km 43 or Km 19.

Insofar we have managed to bring the kids to enjoyable as well as educative trip as well some interesting leather bag shopping for the Mom of course and not last but least the tasty and freshness of Bandoeng’s own culinary dishes.













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