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Hot Spring Ciater

Ciater is one of many Bandoeng’s natural Hot Spring, not only it is one of long established and integrated resort compound complex but also better equipped close to international standard with many decent amenities if not superior than others. It was the last location that our kids enjoy immensely during the last school holiday.

If the time permits make schedule for Hot Spring Ciater a bit late in the afternoon. There is an opportunity for some sight seeing just prior the dark night falls and a good hot spring dip after the dark, the cool breeze air in combination with warm or hot dip bath is quite sensational. In fact our late auntie who had been resided in Holland for decades used to love the place and visit very late night well into 10 o’clock pm.

We’re just finished strolling within the biggest observatory in Southern Hemisphere the Bosscha by 5 pm and subsequently continued the trip to Ciater, we arrived there just as the dark set in. There are many pools available but instead we choose to stretch our leg and dip part of them in smaller one, it is not as crowded and we only interest in dipping ourselves not to swim. Incidentally the swimming pool cost a bit in addition to the entry fee, but it is very affordable and worthwhile to go.

The boys who had been reluctant to be photographed earlier in Bosscha is now appear eager and enthusiastic to immediately throw away their clothing and jump to the small but naturally built pool with slightly amber lighting. Later on we move to the nearby hot spring waterfall and experience a bit of massage simulation.

Hot Spring Ciater001

Hot Spring Ciater002

There are two alternative ways to get to Ciater Hot Spring; one through the Bandoeng city itself where you could stop by on the way to Bosscha Observatory, Lembang Traditional Market as well as the Tangkuban Perahu crater. Or else through the Cipularang Toll road and exit at either Cikampek or and the one that head straight to Subang. Make yourself fresh and fully alert by also stopping by at any rest area there, though it is advisable to stop at Cipularang Rest Area Km 57 or Km 43 or Km 19.






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