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Indonesia Trips, North Sulawesi

Principally Indonesia Trips may represent opportunity overlooking huge tourism objects covering vast Indonesian territorial. Tourism trip over the Indonesian five main islands could perhaps require a dozen volumes of manual handbook where as most available trip guidance cover mostly on both Java and Bali islands.

The remaining islands have had less exposure despite of their inherent outstanding natural’s beauty. Hence it is a privilege indeed that in the near future the Leisure Activities readers will have an opportunity to get a glimpse of those hidden and untapped beauty of Indonesia Trips.


The picturesque scene capture the natural beauty of along the northern shoreline of North Bolaang Mongondow Regency conveniently located adjacent to the main Trans Sulawesi Road. Our explorist 600 Magellan GPS registers this “waypoint” to be 183Km down the South from the North Sulawesi Province’s capital of Menado which is approximately almost 3 hours flight from Jakarta.

The newly established regency has its main income mostly from Coconut agriculture as well as deep sea fishing easily reachable within 20 minutes boating from the shoreline. The locals has been boasting that an investment on a small wooden fishing boat known as “Katingting” could be repaid in full for a mere 2 fishing trips during the peak season.

However our Indonesia Trips over this region is solely on neither sea fishing nor agriculture’s viability study alone, but also to look for those untapped tourism activities as well. The untapped beauty of a small region located at Eastern part of the vast Indonesian Archipelago.

As promised earlier the Leisure Activities would not limit itself to merely covering Bandung Trips alone, but could extend to other part of Indonesian Archipelago. Indonesia Trips to North Sulawesi would be one excellent destination as well as other region such as the South Kalimantan and in particular the well known Bali. For now the Cikampek Cipularang toll road may temporarily disappear being replaced by Trans Sulawesi main road.

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