Glimpse of an enchanted family quality time.

Bali Vacation

clip_image002Exactly six years ago we decided to make a special kind of Family Quality time for a packaged Bali Vacation tour; the eldest being our Grandma where as the youngest was our then 3 years old nephew. We could go by plane straight to Denpasar or train to Surabaya and continue the trip by Java-Bali Ferry, but we did not. Instead we opted to rent a 52 seats Bus for the whole family, and since we were much less than the capacity we ordered two rows of seats on each side in the middle to be removed.

The extra space gained was being used for all Grandkids and their cousins as a play ground with double function for clip_image004sleeping zone. There were five toddlers, one kid, one teenage and nine adults accompanied by two bus drivers and one crew. Taking a toddler could in itself bring a truck load of amenities for the five days Bali Vacation trip, but that was the reason for taking the bus instead.

Furthermore we could save time and energy by not carrying our baggage from one port to another. Our logistics stayed in the bus the whole time. It seems like a good idea does it?


Unlike our recent Post Exam Trip, it was an excellent one in a life time Bali Trip experience to the whole family indeed. It was our third trip to Bali but during the first two being only five members of family as we were not married yet back then. The fourth trip if we take into account the fact that I and my wife spent our honey moon there with those memorable two nights at the famous Amandari Resort in Ubud.

The late Lady Diana was once spotted staying at this lush greenery and serene Amandari Resort. Yes, it was expensive but not for our honey moon. Bali Vacation continues….next!

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